The Rotary Club of Claremont, Tasmania

The Rotary Club of Claremont meets every Wednesday evening at the Claremont RSL. 
6:15 for a 6:30pm start.

District Conference 2020 Home


District Governor Michael Cooke and Corrina

Coronavirus hit our world early 2020. At the beginning of the year we thought it was just a disease that was predominantly hitting China and would affect a few people globally. Certainly nothing on the scale that developed. By late February we were seeing what this might mean for our part of the world and we were beginning to get concerned. The District Conference committee was drawing up contingency plans, with risk management assessments being updated on a weekly and then daily basis. On Friday March 13 we decided to pull the pin on the conference. We could not face the risk that our conference might harm one person. At that stage restrictions were about to be put in place that no gathering of more than 500 were allowed. Little did we know that in a few short weeks we would be told to stay at home, work from home, do not go out!

Little did we know toilet paper and baked beans would become scarce commodities.

Little did we know toilet paper and baked beans would become scarce commodities. Hardly surprising those two together. And our hands were consuming more alcohol than the rest of us. The conference committee hunkered down and set about the task of undoing the conference, cancelling events, talking to presenters, returning funds to delegates and trying to scrape back expenditure as best we could. The dust has settled and we are started to gather ourselves again for an upcoming new Rotary year and a whole new way of contacting and connecting with people in the world. So what about the Conference that should have been? The one that went down as fast as the Titanic. A dinner theme that perhaps foretold of events to come.

The dust has settled and we are starting to gather ourselves again

Well we have decided that you should see some of the fantastic speakers we had on offer and link you to some of the amazing information they would have presented. One of our presenters has even done a special presentation on Mental Health and how we may help ourselves and others following community disaster, such as bushfires and COVID-19. Others have provided links to their work and stories told at other forums, so that we may have an idea of what their story would have been. There are well known stories and a few surprises. Please follow the links attached to each presenter and share amongst the members of your club, the conference that should have been.


Image credit: Design by Liminal Architecture with WOHA architects. Rendering by Doug + Wolf

We would like to again thank the support we have had from sponsors and the Theatre Royal and City Hall who have been most generous with their support.

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